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Technology disruptors work together to create a 3D visualizer and a design studio

Published: July 7, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Tukatech and Sowtex, two textile and apparel industry technology disruptors, are partnering to deliver a 3D visualizer and design lab resource solution that will significantly shorten the designing and sample process timeframes.
Tomorrow, Sowtex will unveil its latest technological solution, the Sowtex Design Lab (8 July) It will integrate Tukatech’s 3D Visualizer to speed up and simplify the design and sample processes. The user may create, design, develop, approve, display, sell, and manufacture the product. According to the company, the quantity of trash generated during the sample procedure will be reduced from weeks to hours. This also reduces the number of physical samples ending up in the landfill.
Users of Tukatech’s TUKA3D Designer Edition may see fabrics and trimmings in 2D/3D outfits before creating a real prototype. When the style is ready for manufacturing, consumers may purchase the 2D CAD design for $5. Its true-to-life technology will allow for simple design creation, fit, and growth, eliminating waste throughout the sample process. Early users of this technology will be able to avoid the need for manufacturing resources and infrastructure.

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