Mr R. Jagadeesan talks about the latest packing machines launched in an exclusive interview with Textile Value Chain at India ITME 2022.

What are the new machines SKAAT launched at India ITME 2022?

 Right now, we have introduced two new machines in the ITME, 2022. The automatic cone packing machine for replacing the manpower in huge packing divisions. Our machine will take automatically from the auto coner or from the YCP machine. We need some programs, which has been one is the automatic waiting system is there. UV system is also there, so that it can detect the colour variations of the cones and it can separate accordingly. We need to know about how much time we are going to take it for 8,10, 12 hours or 24 hours. We can work it for the 24 hours or so depending on the volume of the requirement. 

What are some unique features of the Auto Coner Machine?

Number one, we are giving a conveyor with the auto coner machines, when the cones coming out of auto coner, they will be passing through the conveyor, which our robot will be detecting from the QR scanner and it’ll segregate in twenties, thirties, forties, whatever the count is there, that will segregate and it’ll packing.

And our packing machine can be used in bag form, in carton form or in pallet form. Also, as per the customer requirement, we are doing everything and as per the floor available in the mill. Based upon that we will be planning everything and working on that.

Can you tell us about automatic cope feeding for the auto coners? 

Automatic cope feeding for the auto coners. Normally new machines will come along with the link winders. This is for the conventional mills who are allowing spinning separately and winding separately. We are linking with this new top feeding machine. This machine works as like a human in the auto corner. Our machine is running with the conveyor belt, which will be running to the end of the machine, up to 60 or 80 sprints, maybe conveyor which will be going from one end to another. Our robot will pick the copes and wherever the requirement is there, it’ll be placing it. This will be straight away eliminating one or two auto winding machine operators, which can be useful for bigger units.