Mr. B. G. D. Anandakumar, Assistant General Manager, head of marketing for India, KTTM in the exclusive interview with Textile Value Chain at India ITME 2022, spoke at length on the new products by KTTM and future of textile machinery market in India.

Can you tell us about the company and what new machines you are displaying?

Kirloskar Toyota textile machinery (KTTM) is a joint venture between Kirloskar group India and Toyota Industries Corporation Japan, incorporated way back in 1995 and we started manufacturing in 1997 with Ring frame model RXi240.  In the year 2014, we have started our new product RX 300 to serve global customers from India, and in last 8 years the machine is well accepted in the market 

In this ITME we have launched a new product called Basket type Toyota Bobbin Changer an attachment to RX-300 wherever link coner is not viable, this will be supplied with machine 

This will help spinners to reduce the manpower and nowadays all of us know the challenges associated in getting the required manpower. With reduced manpower in their mills the customers can achieve the optimised production from our machines.

In this ITME -2022 we have demonstrated the versatility of our product by focusing on MMF/PC blends. We are spinning Viscose in one side and the PC on other side with Toyota compact system. We have run the machine at industry benchmark speed levels of 24,000 to achieve 300 grams in Ne 30 count PC as well as Viscose. The machine is also working well with the slub.

On our machine we can have various fancy options like slub on slub, thick slub, thin slub, negative slub, multi twist, multi count. All the provisions are available through soft keys on the machine.

We have visitors beyond our expectations in this exhibition, more than 900 people have visited us. We had good inquiries from this exhibition. Even though the market is experiencing a challenging situation, all our customers felt that it’ll bounce back in a short time because India will have a bumper crop and the cotton price is getting stabilized and yarn price also, they hope will get stabilized in a few months.

Like India ITME, will ITMA Milan also view any of your new innovations?

Yeah, it’ll be there, we will be demonstrating the further updates on the present machine as well as future machines, we have exhibited all new spinning technology called Helix spinning in Barcelona, so we will have the updates on that as well in Milan.

How do you compare your Japanese technology with European technology?

Yeah see, Japanese technology always gives reliable machines with stable performance, committed delivery. So, what happens when a customer chooses our product, they get consistent performance for the long term. They achieve the highest productivity level on our machines. They also achieve the best quality with low maintenance. The machine is simple and also user-friendly.

So once the customer experiences our machine, they come back for the repeat orders. So, we have been successfully selling this machine from 2014 onwards. I can say we are now in the desirable position w.r.t spinning machines.

What are your observations of the industry?

Now the industry is passing through challenging phase due to change in economic situation globally, owing to many factors such as Russia, Ukraine war, Covid, Scarcity of power, High inflation are few to mention but we are hopeful that turnaround will be around the corner due to many policies 

Like PLI scheme, Mitra scheme and all are coming for the future., Government is supporting with all these schemes and India will surely consolidate its position even in Non cotton exports in coming days