Mr. Alessandro Zucchi, President of Acimit

Can you describe the past two years in regard to Italy’s textile machinery industry, what with Covid & other issues?

As for many others sectors, the textile machinery industry came to a near halt in 2020, due to the Covid19 pandemic. However, as of 2021 our sector has greatly recovered, engendering production levels that have been even higher than those prior to the pandemic.

How has performance been so far, considering that 2022 has shown signs of a global economic revival?

2022 has not yet ended, but we can already say that the critical issues regarding the pandemic, as well as the subsequent Ukraine/Russia conflict (higher energy costs, scarcity of raw materials, etc.) will have negative effects on production for the textile machinery sector as a whole, and not just here in Italy.

Which segments have been most affected by these critical issues?

The textile machinery sector is a high energy consuming industry, therefore all areas have been negatively affected by increased energy costs.

Specifically, how has trade fared with India?

India is a primary trading partner for Italian textile machinery producers, with sales for the year 2021 amounting to 104 million euros – a sharp rise compared to the previous year. For 2022 as well, our exports to India were up significantly (+73%), amounting to 80 million euros, and confirming India’s position among the top five foreign markets for Italy’s textile machinery sector.

Can you let us in your various plans for this year & next – considering that India-ITME is now just around the corner?

ACIMIT’s promotional initiatives for 2022 and 2023 are highly focused on promoting Italy’s strong contingent taking part in ITMA 2023. From now until June 2023, we’re planning a series of delegations for foreign textile business partners visiting Italy to meet with Italian machinery and technology manufacturers. Among them recently a delegation included twenty or so textile manufacturing entrepreneurs from India came to Italy. As for previous editions of ITME, numerous Italian companies will be in attendance at the exhibit.

Which countries are expected to contribute most to Italian technology & machinery on a global scale?

For the coming two-year period, we expect demand to grow both on global textile machinery markets, i.e. China, Turkey, the United States and India, as well as in other emerging markets. Among the latter, Uzbekistan and Vietnam appear as potentially the most interesting.