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Expands NONWOVENS Laboratory In U.S. Headquarters By Herrmann Ultrasonics

Published: January 20, 2022

The Herrmann Ultrasonics NONWOVENS business unit has been a specialist and technology leader in the field of continuous welding of web materials including nonwovens, films, foils, and tissue since 1994.  Over the last year, significant investment has been made into expanding the NONWOVENS laboratory and upgrading the most modern and fastest ultrasonic lab calendar, the ULC 600+, located in the Bartlett, Ill., headquarters.

The investment will allow the company to strengthen its global presence and give support to the growing markets and demands of North America with increased application testing, customer support, and HERRMANN ENGINEERING.

The laboratory investment consists of:

  • Ultrasonic bonding processing speed capabilities above 600 m/min (2,000 ft/min).
  • Upgrade to the ULC 600+, Ultrasonic Lab Calendar with state of the art Allen Bradley drives and controls, along with the latest web tensioning system.
  • Added elastic unwind and guiding systems to run Herrmann Ultrasonics patented Elastic Anchoring solution.
  • New windows based HMI MICROGAP G4 ultrasonic bonding solution platform.
  • Increased lab square footage.
  • Quick exchange systems for anvils to run efficiently different patterns for the same application.
  • New test and measurement area.

Ultrasonic welding of web materials is an extremely fast and stable process that is easily repeatable and directly available without the need for pre-heating or consumables such as adhesives. This scalable technology allows for simultaneous embossing, laminating, and cutting from narrow pattern widths to applications exceeding 4 m wide.  To ensure high product quality, continuous bonding of material requires a precise and repeatable manufacturing process. The upgraded ULC 600+ Ultrasonic Lab Calendar can be used to simulate the production environment and perform feasibility tests for a variety of markets such as consumer, medical, wound care, hygiene, filter, wipes, facemasks, and more.

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