At B-Tex, we design and deliver automation solutions for Inspection and Packing Dept. with Italian Know – How and Software to global standards of excellence with local support.

Excerpts from the exclusive interview held with Mr.Bhupinder Singh – CEO of B-Tex Textile Machinery after the recently concluded INDIA ITME 2022 at Noida, India. 

“B-Tex” began it’s journey around 2 decade ago and today they are a formidable player in the textile industry for Fabric Inspection, Rolling, Folding & Packing Systems in Collaboration with REALTIME Srl (Italy) for Defect Logging Software. Their machines are the physical manifestation of years of industry experience and it’s our constant endeavour to keep abreast with the latest technologies. “Nirvana” the latest and state of the art Auto- Cut-Pack system from the BTex stable is all set to transform traditional cutting.

How has been the journey in manufacturing since the beginning? 

Well the journey has been long and exciting, two decades to be precise also one that has presented challenges and opportunities equally, while technology was constantly changing and developing. B-Tex witnessed frequent innovations in the industry and that meant we too had to adapt quickly and bring out novel automations to be relevant in the industry. We started with simple Inspection cum rolling machines with minimum infra and support but in a unique, customer-centric direction.

Bhupinder Singh
CEO, B-Tex Testile Machinery

Our Sales program includes, Fabric Inspection, Rolling, Folding Machines and all types of winders and Un-winders with PLC controls. Greige, Finish and Preparatory machines are our standard products. We are specialised in fully automatic LDPE and HDPE Packing Machines with Italian Know-How. B-Tex had delivered stretch less with Zero elongation KNITS Inspection and rolling machines and achieved commendable market-share in the segment.

Along with Woven and Knits, B-Tex has expertise in NON – WOVEN and Specially TECHNICAL TEXTILE Machines for Winders, Un – Winders, Slitting and Packing systems. We have already delivered tailor-made machines to High quality manufacturers like M/s. Khosla Profile, SRF, Milliken, Wilhelm, Texport Syndicate, etc.. 

How was your experience at India ITME-22 and what new B-Tex has offered? 

INDIA ITME-22 has been a great success for B-Tex. We launched our all new Auto-Cut-Pack Machine – Model NIRVANA with LDPE & HDPE packing at one go with Italian Software. It was an absolute honour to host industry leaders like Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Updeep Singh, Mr. Alaaggapan R, and Mr. Gurudas Aras for the demonstration.

Can you brief more about B-Tex Auto-Cut-Pack? 

There’s no denial of the fact that manpower crisis and space crunch poses a severe challenge to the textile industry, automation is the need of the hour in each and every process that obviously helps organizations to have optimal manpower, increase production and have quality MIS reports. Nirvana helps you to achieve all of these with Italian Know-how and Software.

Mr. Manmohan Singh, CMO- B-Tex Textile Machinery With Team At ITME

In B-Tex Auto-Cut-Pack System, we Inspect the fabric and log all the defect in IGS (Inspection & Grading Software) through Batch to Batch or Trolley to Trolley Mapping Machine and later on optimize as per the severity to generate beneficial Cut-Pan. Finally the data is transferred to B-Tex Auto-Cut-Pack machine model NIRVANA, where it rolls the fabric at high speed of 80 m/m and pack it with LDPE and HDPE film with lots of other benefits.

What are the benefits of Auto-Cut-Pack? 

Nirvana is a boon to Inspection and Packing department . Due to optimised cut plan, 2-3% A-Grade fabric is saved and mind it, its lots of business and profit for quality and quantity fabric manufactures.

Along with this, it reduces manpower up to 60% as their is bare minimum handling of fabric due to automatic packing with sorting and all the extra manpower is eliminated. All defect entries through touch screen in Italian software delivers lots of reports like shift-wise, sort-wise, operator-wise, production and department-wise to improve quality. 40% space is also saved as Auto-Cut-Pack singlehanded delivers 80,000 mtr/day with LDPE and HDPE packing with single operator. There are lots of other benefits like Auto-Samples, Folders, Barcode, Automatic labelling, etc.

We have successfully delivered this system with software to some high quality fabric manufacturers in last few years. 

How B-Tex stand out against its competitors? 

B-Tex has 2 pillars Innovation and Automation and this keeps us ahead of competitors. At B-Tex, we design and deliver automation solutions for Inspection and Packing Dept. with Italian Know-How and Software to global standards of excellence with local support. With Italian know-How, our machines are famed to be at par with that of Italian standards in terms of inputs and performance, sold out at affordable price. We are with our customers right from conceptualisation to the final product, which helps us deliver tailor made solutions. We can proudly state that pre and post sales service is our hallmark and this always keeps us on our toes.

What at the future plans for B-Tex? 

India is considered to be preferred supplier in recent times, due to in increase demand and widespread acceptance in our products, we are under expansion. We are sanguine about the over all scenario and are ready to face the new growth phase of Textile Industry. B-Tex is participating in ITMA 2023 in June at Milan, Italy along with our Italian partners to showcase the recent innovations and development on a global scale.