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ARTILECT Outerwear Features World’s First User-Repairable Zippers

Published: January 27, 2023

Without a doubt, zippers are the most common point of failure on any jacket. And while this can be an inconvenience, if you’re out in the backcountry it can also be dangerous. ARTILECT set out to address this issue, making it much easier for customers (and retail partners) to quickly and easily repair jackets, and avoiding the need to ship them items back and forth for sometimes costly repairs.

Founded in 2020, ARTILECT is one of a select few development partners with YKK, the world’s largest zipper company. ARTILECT features many world-first innovations in collaboration with YKK, including TouchLink and PU Conceal Zippers.

But the most groundbreaking new innovation is the introduction of YKK’s Revived zipper, which is the first-ever user-repairable zippers. ARTILECT’s Formation 3L Shell and High AF down jacket (available now) are the first two garments to integrate the new zipper technology.

This is a feature that will be integrated across ARTILECT’s full product line in future seasons, as well as the introduction of a Vislon tooth repair kit and snap-on sliders for closed-end (pocket/vent) zippers.

This illustrates ARTILECT’s leadership in making significantly more sustainable products that last longer, and don’t require additional shipping to repair.

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