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Government & Industry Collaborate to Boost Indigenous Development of Technical Textiles

Published: January 20, 2024

Minister Piyush Goyal chaired the 8th Meeting of the Mission Steering Group (MSG) of the National Technical Textiles Mission (NTTM) today, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts between the government and industry to promote the development of indigenous technical textile products. 

The Ministry of Textiles approved a total of 11 project proposals, valued at approximately INR 103 crores. These include nine research and development (R&D) projects, one project on machine development, and one project on equipment development.

One of the key initiatives focuses on the development of high-strength carbon fibre for strategic applications, aiming to bolster India’s self-sufficiency in the field of Technical Textiles. The approved projects span various application areas such as Protech, Meditech, Mobiltech, Buildtech, Smart Textiles, and Sustainable Textiles.

Minister Goyal reviewed the progress of various components of the National Technical Textiles Mission, encompassing sanctioned R&D projects, the status of applications for technical textiles education in academic institutes, implementation of quality control orders, R&D patent guidelines, outreach activities, and upcoming events.

Attended by government officials from multiple ministries and renowned industry experts, the meeting signalled a collective commitment towards advancing the technical textiles sector in India.

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