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Exhibitor Preview for ITMA 2023: Mayer & Cie.

Published: March 29, 2023

The textile machinery firm Mayer & Cie. will exhibit both of its business units—circular knitting machines and braiding machines—for the first time at ITMA when it opens in Milan on June 8th, 2023. At its booth E101 in Hall 2, Mayer & Cie. is displaying a braiding machine in addition to circular knitting machines. The business concentrates on aspects that are common to both markets: reliable machines outfitted with components that make braiders and circular knitting machines more effective, durable, and hence more valued. The solutions span from specific machine update kits, waste reduction technologies, and digital customer experience solutions.

The circular knitting machines from Mayer & Cie are a tried-and-true option.

There will be three circular knitting machines on display from Mayer & Cie. The updated OVJA 2.4 EM, Relanit 3.2 HS, and the brand-new three-thread fleece SF4 3.2 III are all available at ITMA. With the exception of the new SF4-3.2 III, all three have established markets and serve traditional functions.

The OVJA 2.4 EM knits double jacquard with weft thread and double fabric using electronic individual needle selection in the cylinder. The machine is now the most productive in its category. Its product line currently includes spacer fabric.

For every knitter, machine number 2 is a household term. Mayer & Cie. has upgraded the yarn guides on the current Relanit 3.2 HS in preparation for ITMA 2023. To increase safety at higher output, it incorporates a needle with an optimum hook and tongue shape and predetermined breaking point. The Another characteristic of the Relanit 3.2 HS is the redesigned sinker. It lessens wear and tear and makes the machine work more smoothly. According to Axel Brünner, head of product management at Mayer & Cie, “many knitting mills all over the world already swear by Relanit machines.” “We are working on additional upgrades to our bestsellers for them and new clients.”

Mayer & Cie. is tackling a significant trend in the apparel business with the third machine on display. It is very popular to use the SF4-3.2 III for three-thread fleece, especially for leisurewear, both in pure cotton and mixes. According to Axel Brünner, “We combine our tried and true MBF 3.2 with components of our MFC 3.2 that have proven useful in the Chinese market in this new machine.”

Brisk Extra-rapid machine for textile braiding The ITMA exhibit’s MR-15/18 C/Single Deck braider is intended for textile braiding. It includes the brand-new capstan wheel pull-off, which works particularly well with textile-braided smaller-diameter hoses. The SpeedBooster upgrade kit increases speed and output by up to 10%.

For a machine’s long, effective life, make smart improvements.

Upgrade kits give consumers access to Mayer & Cie’s technological advancements by making products longer, faster, and even more precise. The upgrading offer includes everything from speed boosters to specialised equipment for plaiting and laying. Upgrade kits for replacement components that are specifically designed for particular machines are another newbie. They provide more planning and production security.

Upgrade kits can be purchased through the online store, along with all other known replacement components. in addition a user-friendly search engine The online store offers clever add-on features and the brand-new loyalty programme my.loyaltyclub with tempting discounts.

Knitlink, Knithawk, and Control 5.0 are smart features.

The straightforward reality is less waste and fewer errors. The new knithawk quickly detects knitting errors while knitting is being done and turns the machine off immediately. This greatly improves the efficiency and sustainability of production.

The platform that connects the producer, distributors, and customers is called knitlink. Every customer can use it to track and assess the operation of his machines because it is IIoT-based and serves as the primary repository for all machine data. Also, it serves as a central location for materials including manuals, operating guides, and suggestions for replacement parts. Moreover, knitlink gives each client remote access to the device used to knit in circles.

Knitlink incorporates the web store, which is electronically connected to the Control 5.0 of the newest generation. Because Control 5.0 circular knitting machines are IoT-enabled and, among other things, can be controlled from mobile devices, the knitter is no longer required to be physically at the controls.

A wise decision: Choosing Mayer & Cie. is advantageous.

According to Benjamin Mayer, CEO of Mayer & Cie, “With our ITMA presentation, we explain why and how investing in Mayer & Cie. machinery is worthwhile and produces long-term rewards.” Last but not least, by doing this, we also address the need for greater sustainability in resource use.

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