The plan for the example of the gobelin texture comes from christiantrzaska, who recently fostered one more texture for freifrau. he came to the consideration of the lemgo-based seating furniture maker through the twin siblings and children of freifrau originator hansjörghelweg, marc and niklashelweg, who knew trzaska as a skating companion as well as a tattoo craftsman – he had proactively inked the tattoos enhancing their arms. for the previous texture plan gobelin desert garden, christiantrzaska first made an oil painting, which was then changed into a lavish texture by the belgian material organization meisterwerke.

Craving for Opulence: The wonderful thing: the blossoms portrayed here never need to wither, however can always enhance, charm and stir longings. ‘the nursery of eden is the motivation for the ‘at home’ mentality to life, for a warm and inviting vibe and the craving for richness,’ says freifrau, making sense of the new material plan. it tends to be utilized for the ona and ona bended rocker assortments by sebastianherkner, for leya by hoffmannkahleyss plan in different seat forms, as well concerning their amelie assortment of seating furniture.

Seating furniture covered with gobelineden turns into a genuine eye-catcher in mix with other upholstery textures in serious tints. in any case, dark additionally goes impeccably with the botanical theme and looks especially recognized when utilized in blend. the individuals who like it more spirited and vivacious can select the leya wingback swingseat and let their creative mind take off: maybe captivating in a round of pretend, liking oneself as an ornate period noblewoman or regal aristocrat grandly tucked away in the swing.