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Tamil Nadu Government Likely to Implement Local Procurement Policy for Technical Textile Needs

Published: February 12, 2024

The Tamil Nadu government is considering the adoption of a procurement policy to meet its technical textile requirements from local industries, according to Dharmendra Pratap Yadav, Secretary to the Department of Handlooms, Handicrafts, Textiles, and Khadi. 

This initiative is expected to be included in the State’s textile policy. Yadav emphasised that the State’s technical textile products could be utilised either as new supplies or as replacements for existing products used by various government departments.

Additionally, the Department of Textiles and Handlooms aims to support the research and development of technical textiles through industry-academia collaborations and individual projects conducted by educational institutions.

M. Vallalar, the Textiles Commissioner for Tamil Nadu, urged cotton-based manufacturers in Coimbatore and Tiruppur to venture into the production of technical textiles.

With an exhibition showcasing a variety of technical textile products, including medical wear, packaging items, and sports apparel made from PET recycled fibre, K. Vivekanandan, Handloom Commissioner, stressed that the textiles and handlooms sector should contribute to the State’s goal of becoming a $1 trillion economy.

Arindam Basu, Director General of Northern India Textile Research Association, expressed confidence that Tamil Nadu’s textile sector would surpass Maharashtra and Gujarat in technical textile production due to the entrepreneurial spirit present within the State. Basu highlighted the immense potential of the technical textiles market, which currently stands at 20% penetration in India compared to 30-60% in developed countries. The sector is experiencing an annual growth rate of 10%, while the traditional textile sector grows at a mere 4%.

Prakash Vasudevan, Director of the South India Textile Research Association, predicted a surge in the production of technical textile products in Tamil Nadu, eventually surpassing current leaders Maharashtra and Gujarat. G. Thilagavathi, Head of the Department of Textile Technology at PSG College of Technology, praised the stakeholders’ contributions to the two-day national workshop and exhibition focused on technical textiles. 

The event, inaugurated by Yadav, featured Centres of Excellence for Technical Textiles in Coimbatore, presenting textiles used in healthcare, packaging, airlines, and sports apparel.

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