Chief minister Bhagwant Mann on Wednesday directed the agriculture branch to take preventive measures for checking the unfold of crimson bollworm withinside the cotton belt of the nation. Incidents of crimson bollworm have commenced surfacing from the cotton fields of Mansa and Bathinda districts. Pink bollworm is monophagous or feeds best on cotton plants. It impacts a plant on the flowering stage. It is now immune to first-technology transgenic Bt cotton (Bollgard cotton). Bollworm infestation may be without problems diagnosed with pheromone traps in fields that trap male insects.

The CM requested the branch to station its groups withinside the cotton belt to make certain that the assault turned into checked on the preliminary stage. “The want of the hour is to make certain that crimson bollworm assault doesn`t unfold withinside the regions of cotton cultivation for which no stone could be left unturned,” he stated. The CM stated the nation branch turned into duty-certain to make certain that no loss is incurred to the farmers for which the assault ought to be avoided with the aid of using all means. He requested the groups to go to the Malwa vicinity and determine the magnanimity of the assault and take the essential direction of action.