On March 19th, Shima Seiki released Knitting Data for all machine customers in efforts to provide solutions to our global network during the outbreak. Our friends at Tailored Industry, based in Brooklyn, NY, is one of our customers taking the knitting data to create masks for the general public.

This is the first time they are taking the DTC approach but made the call for a necessary shift to offer safety solutions for consumers. Alex Tschopp, states “the idea was to make the best mask in the market” and believes face masks are going to become commonplace soon, like it is in other areas of the world, such as Asia.

The “Face Mask 2.0” uses SHIMA SEIKI’s WHOLEGARMENT 3D Knitting technology and is engineered to provide the perfect balance between form and function. Each piece is 3D knitted (no hand-stitching) and is manufactured on demand. The knitting technology eliminates waste during production as the masks are knit from yarn to the final product.