Thai Acrylic Fibre (TAF) has collaborated with Canadian blockchain specialist Licof to track its trademark Radianza acrylic fibre.
The material, which is manufactured using gel-dyeing technology, earned its impact ratings from Higg’s Material Sustainability Index (MSI) earlier this year, which revealed Radianza to have a considerably lower environmental effect than other acrylics on the market.
“Now that our clients are producing end-products with Radianza that have a higher sustainability index, it was the ideal moment for us to create the digital platform that allows us to easily follow the fibre along the value chain,” Tuhin Kulsh explained.
TAF’s Radianza fibre scored well across the Higg MSI’s five categories of global warming, chemistry, water scarcity, eutrophication, and resource depletion. The technology will help protect its assets and offer assurances to customers that the material they purchase is authentic. For TAF, it was the right time for us to introduce the digital platform to trace the fibre easily through the value chain.