Two California-based denim leaders, Adriano Goldschmied and Beau Lawrence, have come together to reinvent one of the most basic fashion staples.


Inspired by the current emphasis on high-quality, long-lasting garments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Adriano Goldschmied, the “Godfather of Denim,” and Beau Lawrence, founder of Ace Rivington, designed a T-shirt under the new AceGoldGreen label that checks off all of consumers’ new demands around sustainability, simplicity and accessibility.

The project’s first product, the Type One Tee, is made from a blend of 45 percent hemp and 55 percent Tencel, two fibers the denim gurus describe as among the most sustainable options currently on the

Hemp grows more quickly than cotton, uses less water and has a lower CO2 impact, they noted. It also offers antibacterial properties, which makes it especially popular in a post-coronavirus market when consumers seeking protection in all possible forms.

The shirt is dyed with 100 percent recycled dyestuff from chemical company Officina +39, and is completely recyclable and biodegradable.

To honor the designers’ denim background, the shirt features an indigo binding at the neckline that will fade over time. Both the design and fit are genderless, making this a universal piece for anyone’s wardrobe.

Goldschmied and Lawrence virtually designed the T-shirt while in lockdown discussing the current state of fashion and how a new consumer mindset will shape the industry’s future. The designers set out to create a cotton-free T-shirt “to inspire future designers and brands on how to build something with little money.”

A total upheaval of the fashion industry is a concept many denim experts were considering even before the pandemic hit. Some have insinuated that fashion’s future will be pared down, with seasonless styles and a stronger emphasis on the digital shopping experience.

Taking these cues, Goldschmied and Lawrence plan to launch the project on Kickstarter this month. Consumers can visit to stay updated on its release.

Author: Millionaires