With industrial facilities shut, shipments abandoned and instalments postponed, due to COVID–19, the material and dress area is experiencing dim occasions for sure. Is there an exit plan?  As indicated by gauges by Clothing and Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI), the material division is taking a gander at a potential activity loss of one crore.  In any case, this isn’t the first occasion when this division has been experiencing unpleasant patches. In August 2019, the North India Textiles Mills Association gave a commercial, featuring that the material turning industry is experiencing the most exceedingly awful money related periods of the decade, with fares of cotton yarn plunging to half in the long stretch of April 2019 when contrasted with the most recent year. Before this the segment was reeling under the blows of demonetization, the aimless presentation of the GST system, and the 2008 budgetary emergency. While the worldwide interest for the dress is slanted towards man-made fiber over cotton, India’s creation despite everything remains cotton-commanded. In the man-made fiber fragment, especially polyester related crude materials, including PTA and PSF, the underlying creation expenses of these materials are essentially higher when contrasted with different nations like China. As of not long ago, India utilized antidumping obligation to ensure the not very many such households fabricating oligopolies. This has luckily been halted. Regardless, there is a critical need to mix effectiveness into the residential assembling of every crude material, whether manufactured or cotton.

There is a need to bring back the incentive for the specialist in the advanced material industry as it was in the customary period. Viable expertise advancement and limit building are fundamental for accomplishing this. Patching up the current research-cum-preparing offices to create a specific state limit with respect to ability preparing is the initial phase in such a manner. Notwithstanding it, hands-on expertise preparing is crucial to adjust to the changing idea of work on the processing plant floor. With computerization currently sneaking in forms like zari and weaving too, there is a need to adjust the expertise prerequisites in arrangement with such turns of events. This worth creation for laborers can possibly catalyse the continuous endeavours to give an all-inclusive social security net, a protected workplace, and nice salary levels.