We introduce ourselves as a leading supplier of the above ULTIMATE product in textile mill area and kindly find the details for the same as under.

For long long time performing many experiments at lab & in the mills, we have arrived at ultimate sizing formula for medium, fine & super fine yarn from 40S to 120 S etc.

The most achieving phenomena is that, it performs best even at highest speed on latest looms with approximately 80% of the normal size add on. The cost saving is unbelievable and the results are eye-catching. As everybody knows that in this era, one needs to stand in the competitive world.

Also please note that our product is made as per European standard with GOTS Certificate having no red listed components and is 100% eco friendly and not only that but it is a ZERO DISCHARGE product and you can reuse the same even after 2 days of cooking. Hence you don’t need to drain the residue.

Our world class recipe will reduce down the sizing cost by 10% and de sizing cost by 20% in fine and super fine cotton yarn quality with lowest warp break nearer to zero and highest efficiency on any loom and at any speed up to 1500RPM.

You are well aware of the fact that, the better de sizing leads to the best colour value in dyeing and printing (Tegewa 6+).

One more extra advantage of the product is that the life of reeds and healds are prolonged by 50 % due to low add on reduces the diameter of the yarn sizably.

The above information will be sufficient to judge the product by any senior textile person. It will be relevant to inform you that we are the first in the textile world to develop such a product.

We hereby offer our latest innovative product to your good self and hope you will appreciate our gesture. We may add here that our product is standardized by many Textile Units for their varieties of count and construction.