Renewcell has placed an order with Andritz to supply textile recycling equipment to its new greenfield recycling plant in Sundsvall, Sweden. The facility is expected to be operational in the first half of 2022.
Andritz ADuro shredders, which shred used textiles in a single shredding step, will be key components of the new recycling system. The ADuro shredders, with their unique characteristics, cut the incoming material evenly and neatly while allowing for a very high throughput. Contaminants such as buttons and zippers will be removed from the shredded fabrics during the subsequent separation processes. This pre-treated material is used by Renewcell to create a pure, natural dissolving pulp made entirely of recycled textiles.
Furthermore, the scope of delivery covers additional critical items of equipment. The new recycling factory can handle up to 60,000 tonnes of old textiles per year thanks to cutting-edge Andritz technology.
Renewcell, based in Stockholm, Sweden, was formed in 2012 and specialises in textile recycling. Renewcell’s recycling process dissolves old cotton and other cellulose fibres and converts them into a new raw material known as Circulose® pulp, which is then utilised to manufacture biodegradable virgin grade viscose or lyocell textile fibres for the fashion industry.