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Suvin fibres lost sheen in India due to lack of patronage.

Published: November 1, 2019

Although Suvin cotton is the finest Indian cotton that offers the world’s longest and finest fibre, it has no official recognition or status and farmers struggle to sustain its cultivation, according to Mani Chinnaswamy, managing director of Tamil Nadu-based Appachi Eco-Logic Cotton Pvt Ltd, who said Suvin lost its sheen in India due to lack of patronage.

Only a handful of players in India consume Suvin for production of special yarns and fabrics and most of the Suvin produced in India is exported to Japan, where niche yarns are manufactured, Chinnaswamy.

Not much investment or effort has gone into building a brand around Suvin in India and it is sad to see Suvin being branded and promoted as ‘the most luxurious fibre’ in Japan, while being neglected in its country of origin, he added.

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