Designed to highlight businesses making demonstrable changes to their systems, their strategies, to benefit the environment, locally and nationally, SEAs made a big splash on its February 2020 launch.

COVID-19 is a ruthless killer, 500,000 lives lost worldwide and still counting; so, any plus points have to be seen in that context, but the cut to commuting, and to travel generally, has not just benefitted the environment in the short-term it’s changed people’s approach fundamentally.

Research from financial services company Hitachi Capital UK, was conducted just after the covid-19 reached its peak in the country, showed how people still required to leave home for work post lockdown.

The journey to and from, particularly festivals and corporate events/conferences out of town, is the hardest element to impact for an organiser committed to controlling attendant emissions so that, at least, is a step sure to feature at the SEAs presentations.

28th August is the deadline set for the entries to this sustainable event awards. submissions for the same should be in by 5.30pm and the winners would be announced online.