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Suryalata Spinning Mills Achieves 100% Packing Automation Success with Indo Texnology’s Automatic Packing System

Published: January 8, 2024

Coimbatore, India – Suryalata Spinning Mills, a leading yarn manufacturer, has embraced automation with Indo Texnology’s revolutionary automatic cone packing system, resulting in remarkable improvements in productivity. The Coimbatore-based company has been gaining attention for its game-changing packing system, which has transformed the packing process and enhanced overall efficiency at Suryalata Spinning Mills.

K.K. Sinha, Vice President of Suryalata Spinning Mills, praised the automatic cone packing system provided by Indo Texnology. Sinha explained that the system has simplified the packing process, significantly improved the quality of packing, and eliminated customer complaints. Moreover, the installation of this system has led to substantial cost savings for the company.

Established in 1983, Suryalata Spinning Mills has a rich history of manufacturing various yarns. With two strategically located manufacturing units in Telangana, the company produces approximately 80 metric tons of yarn per day, using its impressive total installed capacity of 1,16,976 spindles.

Impressed by the performance of Indo Texnology’s automatic cone packing system, Suryalata Spinning Mills has installed five units in all their facilities. Initially purchasing one machine as a trial, the company’s positive experience led to the subsequent acquisition of three more units. Sinha expressed his satisfaction with the machines and their contribution to the company’s success story.

Sinha also highlighted the exceptional after-sales technical support provided by Indo Texnology. He commended the availability of engineers in Coimbatore and other cities, ensuring prompt assistance whenever needed.

As a testament to their commitment to innovation and growth, Suryalata Spinning Mills has invested Rs. 110 crores in a Vortex Spin project, expanding its ring spindle capacity by 30,000. This move further showcases the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry.

With Indo Texnology’s automatic cone packing system and ongoing investments, Suryalata Spinning Mills continues to set new benchmarks for productivity and quality in the yarn manufacturing sector.

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