Asia’s largest Surat textile market is going through a new experiment after the Corona period. In this new experiment, textile traders are emphasizing on setting up small industries through modern weaving machines in a group of two or four people keeping in mind the profit deal and the color chaukha instead of the loss. In Surat Textile Market, this emphasis is also such that in just one year, more than 15 percent of the textile traders have moved in this direction.

The global corona pandemic has also made human beings more efficient and capable and this is being seen in Surat Textile Mandi, which provides 80 percent synthetic sari-dress across the country, for the last one year. Ever since the younger generation has entered the clothing business of grandfather and father, the commercial trials of some new experiments are going on here and the Corona period has strengthened it further.

The new generation is slowly turning away from the traditional textile business of long borrowing by investing huge capital and Corona has given a dark color to this youthful trend, perhaps only within a year, 15 percent of the thousands of cloth merchants of Surat Textile Mandi Textile traders have made a mindset of securing both capital and business by setting up small textile industries through modern machines.