Italian Luxury brand presents wool for all seasons

Ferrara – synonymous with Italian luxury – is all set to present a luxurious collection of wool blends, perfect for all seasons. Heralded for resilience and luxury, wool fabrics firmly establish their place in the Summer too, and are ready to dispel the misnomers.

Wool and wool blends have always been at the forefront of fashion and are especially popular with tailors and reputed designers. The product mix of Ferrara consists of fabrics in Mohair wool blends, Cashmere wool blends, pure 100% wool blends, Super 120s & Super 140s wool rich blends, which are exquisite fabrics and drape exceptionally well as suits, jackets or trousers.

The fabric designs for this collection are inspired by colonial & contemporary architecture alike, patterns developed have micro/ macro structures. Furthermore, inspiration is drawn from feathers and plumes of royal birds – the spine of the feather is translated into definitive lines and the colors are mottled. These designs are straight off global runways and lend themselves to timeless suits. 

These designs include a sandstone coloured intricately carved ‘jaali,’ replicated with crisscrosses; a toasted almond colour is woven against a deeper tone to make the colour ‘pop’. A range of sombre colours and patterns are part of the collection too.

While these colours present a vibrant and fresh breath of summer; there is a popular misconception that wool is not a summer fabric. Wool is hygroscopic, meaning it is naturally breathable, with the tendency of keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not. It’s a fantastic insulator and therefore a trans-seasonal fabric. 

Another bit of trivia is that pure wool is actually very lightweight and wrinkle–resistant, making it a perfect pick for your travel plans. 

Additionally, wool due to its excellent elasticity maintains the garment’s shape and quality. With its characteristics of absorbing moisture, wool keeps the body fresh and dry for a longer time and locks away odour, releasing it upon washing. The softness and fineness of wool, allows it to be a great ‘performance fiber’.

Ferrara uses only the most luxurious pure wool and wool blends to carefully craft fabrics – perfect for the discerning customer and perfect for summer. 

Expressing his views Mr. Vikram Mahaldar, MD & CEO, OCM, said, “For generations, wool has been considered as a winter fabric, which is only suitable to wear in cold climates. Ferrara dispels this myth by producing luxurious and all-weather wool-based fabrics, which have a freshness of Summer. ”

About Ferrara:

Ferrara is synonymous with Italy and is a luxurious menswear brand. The fabrics have exotic blends and they embody the true aesthetic of the Italian culture. 

About OCM:

OCM, one of India’s largest fabric manufacturers, presents Ferrara.

The Company has a sprawling 37 acre complex that houses a new-age plant with an annual capacity of 8 million meters of fabric and an employee base of 1,900. The company’s ownership lies with the promoters of the Donear Group.

The product design function is at the forefront of global styling. Today, the Company has an extensive product range of high quality all-wool and wool-blended worsted fabrics.