How tenable is your Closet?

We’re speaking totally plastic free: this gown will be despatched out to clients in a a hundred per cent compostable corn-starch garment bag, popped into a recyclable paper mailing bag. What’s now not to love?


Another huge woop from us as no longer solely does Aspiga habits inside audits with its factories at least once a 12 months to make certain its suppliers are following the brand’s code of conduct, however failure to comply potential adios, the corporation will quit working with them.

Carbon Footprint

On the one hand, Aspiga doesn’t provide any way to measure this, on the other, for £2 you can assist offset this dress’s carbon footprint with the aid of including carbon credit to your basket at checkout. These credit aid tested schemes such as renewable strength tasks and woodland restoration. While it’s a precise idea, it solely clearly works if the consumer is inclined to select up the more cost.


 The precise information is that the flowery layout is digitally published in small runs to keep down from extravagant overproduction and the costume is ninety six per cent cotton, which biodegrades. Unfortunately, it’s also made of 4 per cent elastane, which is n’t herbal and, quaff, makes the cotton veritably hard to reclaim.

 The Extra Mile

 During the epidemic, with garb demand down, numerous manufacturers cancelled orders ( including performed bones). This supposed manufactories had to shut and jobs have been lost, plunging formerly susceptible communities into poverty. Aspiga, still, assured all its orders have been fulfilled and, to help suppliers, paid them to make face masks


 Beautiful and nicely made, this costume will closing season after season. Still, due to its elastane, recycling is tricky. This is some thing Aspiga actually wants to feel at as, to its credit, it would be delicate to discover some other company as devoted to enhancing the lives of its workers and its calls for a lesser sustainable trend enterprise are simply now not simply lip service.

 Our standing: 4/5

 A Strong fidelity to sustainability.