Nancy Tilbury, a designer graduated from Royal College of Art in 1997 and has worked in the field of wearable technology. Nancy Tilbury has been working on hybridization of science and couture.  She has worked  in partnership with brands like Levi’s, Nike and orange. Her brand focuses on ringing and intimacy in between the digital and physical world.

They have recently worked to develop a unique method for side grading denim. They have been focusing on giving an extended life cycle to fast fashion clothes by incorporating technologies. Studio Nancy Tilbury works to reform streetwear, sportswear and technologies. Such brands need to come forward which integrate science and fashion altogether.

Personal space indicator

Called by several names, a digital shield, human porcupine, personal barometer, a new invention of spike jacket, popular as a personal space indicator has been  integrated  with a soft technology system which detects when personal invasion takes place. When there is a personal invasion  jacket responds by intensity flashing light. This technology is developed by a system of textile cabling, ambient lighting and silicone diffusers . So during the invasion the jacket outputs fractious morse code  and warns the audience to step out of the personal space. This was created by Nancy Tilbury in her fashion Laboratory based in London, UK.

Wink shorts

They are created shorts that can display the emotions of the person who is wearing it and can also stimulate another person’s interest. The person needs to double tap the conductive fabric attached in the pocket and a  subtle light emerges from the pocket which indicates the human emotions. Through the silicon pocket detail you indicate  human morse code and a weak message comes back to you. Duke clothing and the skin gives as the heads up to collect data, power along with biological inputs and outputs.

Leo and hero jackets

The Leo and hero jacket is another brilliant Technology where emotions are enclosed in the garment. This has been made by embedding a soft technology network to hybridize the system of wearable communication. Perfect for the idea of digital dating an expression of love this has been designed with the idea of star crossed lovers in mind.