Former fashion industry veteran Steve Birkhold has joined XSET as its chief merchandise and licencing officer, according to the company.

Wil Eddins, co-founder of XSET, will take over as chief creative officer, directing the company’s whole creative strategy.

“I knew the moment I met Steve that he could take the test merch programme we’d been honing for a year and turn it into something big that is significant and sought after by gamers all around the world,” Eddins adds.

Birkhold has more than 30 years of expertise in the global fashion industry and is one of the few CEOs in the world who has led a number of large-scale fashion companies. Birkhold has held top managerial positions at VF Corporation, focusing on Lee Jeans, Nautica Jeans, and Earl Jeans, and has worked with brands such as Diesel, Lacoste, and BEBE. Marketing, retail, wholesale, ecommerce, operations, brand collaborations, and high-level corporate strategy planning are just a few of Birkhold’s areas of experience.

Birkhold will serve on XSET’s advisory board in addition to his CEO role, leveraging his expertise, knowledge, and skill across fashion-related activities and verticals.

“I am honoured to join XSET as their chief merchandise and licencing officer and to contribute my skills to their world-class team,” Birkhold said. “What Greg and his colleagues have accomplished in the first year since the company’s establishment is incredible. Both the gaming industry and XSET are experiencing exponential growth, and I am excited to be a part of maintaining that trend and guiding the company to new heights of success.”