Stäubli is presenting a wide range of machinery equipped with state-of-the-art high-end technologies and software solutions that offers new and expanded benefits to the textile mill. Visitors to the two Stäubli booths at ITMA Barcelona 2019 will learn how Stäubli solutions can boost their weaving or sock-knitting performance and overall mill efficiency. Besides offering many decisive functional advantages, Stäubli machines promise a very long lifespan, especially when original replacement parts are used. Stäubli provides these many years after the sale.

SAFIR S60 automatic drawing-in system featuring Active Warp Control

The SAFIR series of drawing-in systems offers unique advantages thanks to AWC (Active Warp Control), Stäubli’s exclusive yarn-repeat management system. Visitors will see how the precision of this ingenious technology leads to more first-quality output, supports on-time delivery, and boosts the overall productivity of the weaving department.

AWC is based on optical, non-contact recognition and measurement of yarn characteristics using two cameras. High-performance processors analyse the images and deliver precise data at millisecond intervals on the condition of the warp yarns being processed. By comparing this data with the production parameters, which is available to the system though the programmed draw-in repeat on the one hand and the mill’s own empirical values on the other, errors are detected with a high degree of certainty.

Visitors can experience the SAFIR S60 automatic drawing-in system in operation with one drawing-in truck and featuring the standard AWC feature ‘double-end detection’ as well as other AWC functions. The machine will be processing a 100% cotton warp with a 1:1 lease at a density of 30 ends/cm.

New S1792 cam motion expands the broad range of frame-weaving solutions

Stäubli’s frame-weaving solutions are renowned for reliable high-speed weaving and adaptability to any kind of plain or patterned fabric and any kind of weaving machine. This versatility, in conjunction with robustness and high quality, has made the broad range of 1600/1700 series of cam motions and the S3000/S3200 series of electronic rotary dobbies well known as extremely reliable workhorses – machines that can be serviced and repaired even many years after purchase, thanks to the long-term availability of original replacement parts.

Thanks to its continual R&D activities, Stäubli delivers machinery that perfectly meets evolving market demands and the associated customer requirements. At this show, Stäubli is launching the new S1792 cam motion with 10 levers for greater flexibility in air-jet applications. This cam motion is used in conjunction with the high-performance e32/e33 transmission, which features maintenance-free bearings and low maintenance requirements, resulting in reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.

The S1792 cam motion and electronic rotary dobbies of the S3000/S3200 series can be seen at Booth C201 in Hall 4.

LXXL Jacquard machine equipped with revolutionary NOEMI electronic system ensures large-format weaves for luxury and technical fabrics

The LXXL machine boasts a large format (up to 25,600 hooks or 51,200 hooks in a tandem installation), for flat, terry, and velvet fabrics. It is dedicated to luxury and high-quality fabrics for clothing, upholstery silk weaving, bed linen, coverings, and technical applications.

Like the LX/LXL, the LXXL features lifting motion that ensures precise shedding geometry and absolutely vibration-free movement even at high speeds. The optimally coordinated kinematics of all moving parts within the machine and the directly mounted components such as the drives enable routine weaving of very heavy fabrics. And when high-speed weaving of complex applications such as airbags or African damask is required, the LX series assures reliable operation and correct hook selection thanks to an additional recognition technology: the new NOEMI electronic system, which features fewer connectors and ensures extremely stable data transmission. NOEMI minimises electrical consumption and supports the Stäubli hallmark characteristics of the LX/LXL/LXXL machines such as reliability, productivity, and longevity.

Three complete Jacquard installations featuring the LX series will be shown in operation at Booth C201:

  1. LXL model, reed width 240cm, density 50 ends/cm, 2,304 harness cords – producing one-piece woven trousers
  2. LXXL model, reed width 190cm, density 126.7 ends/cm, 19,584 harness cords – weaving upholstery fabric
  3. LX model, reed width 260cm, density 26 ends/cm, 6,652 harness cords – weaving terry

Stäubli launches new-generation machine for name selvedging: the N4L Jacquard machine

The N4L is Stäubli’s latest answer to the challenges of selvedge weaving, allowing the weaving of complicated patterns at the highest speeds using the most delicate and precious yarns for high-fashion fabrics. Robust, stable, reliable, easily adaptable to high-density name selvedges, and featuring reduced maintenance and easy servicing, the new N4L Jacquard machine is another masterpiece that confirms Stäubli’s status as a leading pioneer in Jacquard technology. The machine is available in two formats: 80 or 128 hooks. It features robust construction and dust-proof design. The Jacquard heads are protected by aluminium beams in a perfect ergonomic design, allowing easy installation and sliding over the beam for easy changes and adaptation. The simplified electronic architecture with fewer connections in the Jacquard heads combined with intelligent frame cable wiring further enhances the reliability of operation.

This new name Jacquard machine makes it easy to provide true added value by weaving brand names into selvedges, which can also help deter others from producing fake copies. The N4L Jacquard machine is being shown in a double setup (tandem 80-hook machines) on a dobby plot, running at a speed of 1,000 rpm.

Carpet weaving – ALPHA 500 series of Schönherr carpet systems

Area rug or wall-to-wall carpet? Low pile, lightweight loops, flat, cut pile, or high density? Whatever the next challenge, the ALPHA 500 carpet weaving system adds immense flexibility to any carpet-weaving mill. It weaves the highest-quality applications and allows responding swiftly to rapidly changing market demands. Visitors to the booth may observe the high-performance operation up close, including the latest servo-controlled dobby of the UNIVAL 500 series and the unique servo cutting device that produces carpet surfaces of unequalled evenness. Visitors walking over the weavers’ stand will also see a broad variety of carpets with astonishing effects and creative patterns on display – certain inspiration for their own future creations.

Stäubli knitting solutions – D4S toe closing device shortens sock production

Knitting a sock is one thing, but closing the toe is another – and here knitters have no choice because sock toes must be closed. In many mills, closing the toe is done manually or using a sewing machine after manual intervention by the operator. This takes time and compromises quality. Stäubli’s D4S automatic toe closing device changes all this. It rapidly closes the sock on the knitting machine with a smooth seam, significantly shortens sock production, ensures top quality and uniformity of the product, and makes for very short idle times. Two circular sock-knitting machines equipped with the D4S will be shown in operation at Stäubli’s Booth B212 in Hall 8.1. The automatic sock pick-up and seaming operations are electronically controlled by the 2900SL controller, and this setup will boost the performance of any mill producing socks, woollen stockings, pantyhose, or medium-to-large diameter knitted goods used in various sectors. The 2900 SL includes CAD graphic software for pattern programming, interfaces, remote control, and machine monitoring. It is driven by a Linux-based operating system.

With its two booths, Stäubli is providing a complete overview of its range of solutions for future-oriented weaving mills and sock knitters – fully in line with the company’s commitment to remain in close contact with its customers and meet the market’s needs as a key partner. Strong partnership is also a key aspect of Stäubli’s vision for Industry 4.0. In a dedicated area at Booth C201 in Hall 4, customers can experience this vision together with Stäubli’s sales teams.

More Stäubli solutions can be seen at other booths throughout the weaving hall, especially shedding solutions such as cam motions, dobbies, and Jacquard machines.

Highlight from the Group being presented at ITMA

Stäubli Robotics presents HelMo, the mobile robot system

HelMo is an autonomously driving and navigating vehicle developed especially for human-robot collaboration. At ITMA, HelMo will be at work replacing bobbins. Thanks to its modular design and robust drive technology, it can be used in virtually any industrial area, including, logistics, assembly, and quality control.