Booth No. 226

At SITEX 2022, visitors to the Stäubli booth at no. 226 will learn about state-of-the-art machinery and system solutions for optimising workflows in the weaving mill. The range of Stäubli solutions begins with automation of weaving preparation and continues throughout a perfectly coordinated weaving process. Not only can these systems enhance the efficient performance of virtually any textile mill, Stäubli offers solutions that are perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each individual mill.

Automated warp tying – TIEPRO is the new ‘must have’

Stäubli offers a complete range of warp tying (knotting) solutions for every type of yarn. From very fine to coarse yarns and PPT tapes, Stäubli has the solution for the perfect warp change. A recent development is the TIEPRO tying machine, which offers many unique advantages. The new separating concept uses spindle cones instead of separation needles, reducing the need for spare parts, and the unique double-end-detection feature with auto-reverse mode simplifies operation. TIEPRO automatically detects and corrects double ends before the yarn is cut, which makes for higher quality, faster processing, and easier operation. The machine does without an oil bath and provides high availability for multiple tying processes throughout the shift. These remarkable advantages make the TIEPRO tying machine the new ‘must have’ in any mill. For many visitors to SITEX, the machine will also be a ‘must see’ at Booth 226. While there, they can also learn more about complementary Stäubli machinery such as the SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines for efficient style changes, or shed forming solutions for any application. 

Saree Jacquard weaving live at the Stäubli booth

Exclusively at the Stäubli booth at SITEX 2022, Jacquard weavers can observe a complete Jacquard installation featuring the latest Stäubli Jacquard machine in operation producing saree fabric in three design repeats with a weaving machine of 380cm reed width. Our latest Jacquard machine is equipped with the new NOEMI electronic architecture concept that provides reliable data transmission for hook selection even at high speeds. The new design offers easy maintenance for higher production output. With low-friction engineering and a special lifting mechanism, operation is highly efficient and energy efficient. Stäubli Jacquard machines feature many exclusive novelties that can be seen at the booth. 

High-speed frame weaving machinery answers market demands and fast-changing trends

Stäubli offers a large product portfolio of cam motions and electronic rotary dobbies for frame weaving with air-jet, water-jet, rapier, and projectile weaving machines. Visitors to the Stäubli booth will see examples from this range, e.g. the high-speed S1692 cam motion for rapier and air-jet weaving machines and the proven S3260 electronic rotary dobby for air-jet applications. 

Stäubli cam motions and rotary dobbies are ideally operated with the new maintenance-free e32 and e33 transmissions. This combination significantly improves the user-friendliness of frame weaving, reduces maintenance, and increases the profitability of the entire installation.

Stäubli is a proven partner for Indian weavers

Active in the Indian textile industry for over half a century, Stäubli is very familiar with the specifics and requirements of Indian weavers and the demands of their markets. To make sure customers get the most out of their machinery, the Stäubli team supports them with training programmes, technical support, and spare parts delivery even years after the original purchase. Stäubli offers not only machinery and systems, but solutions that allow weavers to enhance their high-quality productivity and profit from significant time savings.

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali