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Stäubli at PRE ITMA Barcelona 2019

Published: June 4, 2019

With core competencies in shedding (cam motions, dobbies, and Jacquard machines) and weaving preparation (drawing-in, leasing, and warp-tying machines) Stäubli plays an important role in the design and quality of woven end-products. Based on over a century of experience in the traditional textile industry and its continuous R&D activities, Stäubli constantly offers new and improved high-performance systems and solutions for processing fabrics for fashion, home textiles, automotive, protection, carpeting, and highly complex technical textiles.

At this year’s ITMA in Barcelona, Stäubli will be showing a selection of its latest products from its extensive range. Many machines will be displayed in operation at two separate booths:

Weaving solutions at booth C201 in Hall 4

Knitting solutions at booth B212 in Hall 8.1

Visitors to the booths will learn how Stäubli solutions can boost their weaving performance and overall mill efficiency. Besides offering many decisive functional advantages, the machines promise maximum service life.

Amongst the products being exhibited in the weaving hall are:

  • SAFIR S60 automatic drawing-in system with Active Warp Control features

The SAFIR series of drawing-in systems offers unique advantages thanks to AWC (Active Warp Control), Stäubli’s exclusive yarn-repeat management system. Visitors to the booth will quickly see how the precision of this ingenious technology leads to more first-quality output, supports on-time delivery, and boosts the overall productivity of the weaving department.

  • Shed formation solutions for frame weaving

Stäubli’s frame-weaving solutions are renowned for reliable high-speed weaving and adaptability to any application or weaving machine. The broad range includes the well-known 1600/1700 series of cam motions and the S3000/S3200 series of electronic rotary dobbies. With continual R&D activities, Stäubli delivers machinery that perfectly meets evolving market demands and the associated customer requirements. At ITMA, Stäubli will be presenting many solutions, including a new cam motion with 10 levers in combination with the new e32/e33 harness motion for even higher performance.

  • LXXL Jacquard machine featuring a revolutionary electronic concept

The LXXL machine boasts a large format (up to 25,600 hooks, or 51,200 hooks in a tandem installation), completing the full range of LX/LXL series machines for flat, terry, and velvet fabrics. All the machines in this series feature lifting motions that ensure precise shedding geometry and absolutely vibration-free movement even at high speeds. The optimally coordinated kinematics of all moving parts within the machines and the directly mounted components such as the drives enable routine weaving of very heavy fabrics.

Stäubli recently developed a revolutionary electronic concept that perfectly integrates the constraints of high-speed weaving and the significant number of hooks to be lifted. At this year’s ITMA, visitors will learn about the functional principle of this concept and find out how it enhances the reliability and longevity of the LX/LXL/LXXL machines.

Three complete Jacquard installations will be shown at the booth. One of them features the LXXL model, with a 20,480-hook format, for weaving dense upholstery fabric.

  • LX32 Jacquard machine for narrow fabrics and labels

Stäubli’s broad range of Jacquard solutions includes the LX12/32/62 models for producing narrow fabrics such as ribbons and labels. These machines are versatile, easy to adapt, and allow optimal location in relation to the perforated board – all of which enhances the quality of narrow fabrics. Available for all types of needle looms, this series enables high-speed weaving and promises long-lasting performance.

  • ALPHA 500 series carpet weaving system

A carpet weaving installation will be on display at the booth, demonstrating flexibility in binding variety while weaving a broad selection of carpets with exclusive effects. Visitors will enjoy observing the high-performance operation up close.

At its other booth in Hall 8.1 for knitting, Stäubli will be showing two circular sock-knitting machines in operation featuring the 2900SL controller and the D4S automatic toe-closing device. This revolutionary device drastically reduces sock manufacturing time whilst perfectly closing the sock with a smooth seam.

With its two booths, Stäubli is providing a complete overview of its range of solutions for future-oriented weaving mills and sock knitters – fully in line with the company’s commitment to remain in close contact with its customers and fulfil market requirements as a partner. In addition to the machinery being displayed at the two booths, many other Stäubli solutions can be seen at other booths throughout the weaving hall.

Stäubli experts look forward to welcoming visitors at its booths and discussing their individual needs and wishes for cost-effective and high-productivity textile manufacturing.

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