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Published: August 9, 2022

At its agent’s Booth #111 in Hall 2 at IGATEX in Lahore in Pakistan (1-4 September 2022), Stäubli is presenting its latest developments in machinery and system solutions for future-oriented weaving mills. Stäubli’s broad product range includes solutions for automated weaving preparation, frame and Jacquard weaving, and carpet and technical textile weaving.

Stäubli machines feature state-of-the art technologies developed through 130 years of experience and a passion for continued research to bring even more advantages to every weaving mill.Visitors to IGATEX will learn about Stäubli’slatest highlight for Jacquard weaving: the brand new SX PRO Jacquard machine. This energy-efficient machine was recently launched at ITM 2022 in Istanbul and has already been installed in several weaving mills, performing reliably and efficiently.

By listening carefully to customers’ needsand applying its extensive market knowledge,Stäubli has long been a leading manufacturerof high-end weaving machinery. Marketdemands for air-jet and rapier weaving havebeen vigorous, and Stäubli has respondedwith a number of high-performance solutions,including the exceptionalS1792 cam motion, boasting state-of-the-art technologyanddelivering high performance, reliability, and speed. Since it was launched at ITMA 2019, over 5,500 unitshave been sold worldwide. The S1792 modelstands out not only for the number of unitssold in this short period but also for beingthe first model that performs at speeds upto 1400 rpm(Actual top speed depends on the fabric specifications and the weaving-machine settings.) It masters both of the mainchallenges of air-jet weaving: quality andperformance.

Both frame and Jacquard weaving require optimum weaving preparation in order to produce a maximum of first-class fabric and deliver on time.Raw material costs are rising, which is another reason yarn consumption should be optimized. Stäubli’s wide range of weaving preparation solutions includes machines and systems for quality warp and style changes like the TIEPRO tying machine and the SAFIR S40 automatic drawing-in system. The SAFIR S40 is ideally suited for denim and cotton applications. Its functional concept (one mobile machine ideally serving two or more stationary drawing-in stations) allows custom configuration of the layout to precisely meet any mill’s specific requirements and easily integrate into the organisation. The machine draws directly from one warp beam into the drop wires, healds, and reed. State-of-the-art technologies like optical yarn recognition assure top quality of the finished drawn-in harness, in particular, precise colour repeats and no double yarns. The system can recognise and manage not only colours but also the repeat of S-/Z-twisted yarns. For the highest performance in drawing indouble-warp-beam staple-fibre applications like fancy denim warps, Stäubli offers the new AWC option Layer & Offset Management. This feature allows easy adjustment and perfect alignment of the two yarn layers during the drawing-in process and thus prevents any loss of drawing-inspeed.

Highly flexible and responsive partner responding to the mill’s specific needs

No matter how good a machine is, its full potential can be realised only through perfect operation. That’s why customer support is a top priority at Stäubli. As a consultancy partner, the company analyses the mill’s needs with the customer to choose the best machines and solutions to cost-effectively meet the stated goals. Stäubli’s experts are there to assist, from initial planning all the way through to final handover of the equipment. And after overseeing installation, testing, and fine tuning of the machinery, Stäubli trains the operators and production planning staff so that the mill is sure to derive the fullest benefit from the high-performance equipment. Highly competent service technicians complete Stäubli’s comprehensive service offer.

Stäubli provides innovative technological solutions in four dedicated divisions: Electrical Connectors, Fluid Connectors, Robotics, and Textile. With a workforce of over 5,500, the company generates an annual turnover exceeding 1.3 billion Swiss francs. Founded in 1892, Stäubli is today an international Group with its head office in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. Stäubli is active on all major continents and manages 12 production sites. The Stäubli Group is present in 29 countries through its sales and customer service subsidiaries. The Group’s global network is completed by agents in 50 additional countries.

Stäubli Textile has been developing and producing high-quality systems for the weaving industry for over a century. The company holds a strong market position in textile machinery, a position earned through the continual pursuit of customer satisfaction.

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