Spykar, India’s leading homegrown denim brand, has taken yet another step towards generating a greener carbon footprint. The brand has embarked on a journey to increase its dependency on solar power to 60%. Spykar’s production facility currently boasts of zero fossil fuel usage and relies on solar power for 30% of their energy requirement.

The brand has been conscious of its production techniques and the impact it generates on the environment.100% of Spykar denims are made with 90% recycled water. A special treatment plant has been installed which treats water in the facility which is later reused in the production process. It also ensures no contaminated water is released into water bodies.

Sanjay Vakharia, CEO of Spykar Lifestyle said, “Spykar has always been at the forefront of global thinking, be it fashion or the world environment. Our processes have been designed with a vision to minimize climatic impact and lead the way for sustainable development. We realize that even consumers today are sensitizedand lean towards brands who subscribe to a betterment philosophy.”

Measures have also been taken by the government and Spykar to ensure the land for the facility was not used for agriculture, an arid plot was hence assigned.

Environment-friendly  processes followed bySpykar

  1. The new age Laser treatment for intricate patterns eliminates chemical footprint.
  2. Ozone technology is used to harness the natural bleaching capabilities of O3 – leading to 50% reduction in water and chemical usage.
  3. Likewise, cloud technology uses mist formed by inducing high pressured air into the water creating nanobubbles, thereby covering larger surface area in minimal water.
  4. Drying is done through infra red rays to ensure fossil fuels are conserved.

A water recycling process using Ultra filtration and Reverse Osmosis ensures 90% water is recycled. From whopping 125ltrs/jeans, the consumption is now reduced to 1 glass of