The Indian homegrown denim brand joins the awareness drive for child sexual abuse with Rubaroo

Spykar Lifestyles has partnered with Rubaroo, a renowned NGO in the area of Child Sexual Abuse, for Mumbai Marathon 2020. The brand has enabled 300 participants from the NGO to be a part of the Dream Run at the marathon. The brand salutes the bravery and spirit of the participants and has presented them with T-shirts and marathon kits to prepare them for the run.

“Mumbai marathon is among the top 10 marathons across the globe. It embodies the spirit of the Young & Restless Mumbai City. Rubaroo has been helping child-abuse survivors since the past 6 years now, and its participation in Mumbai Marathon gives them a platform to experience the spirit of the city. We are happy to be a part of shaping the young and restless of tomorrow” said Sanjay Vakaria, CEO,Spykar Lifestyles.

Rubaroo is an organisation working to fight child sexual abuse and its devastating impact on society as a whole through its participation in the in the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020. Their United to #EndCSA campaign is bringing together different voices to break the silence on child sexual abuse. Spykar is energising the campaign as a symbol of youthfulness and the importance of having young voices lead the way to social change.

Ishita Manek, Director, Rubaroo Breaking Silences Foundation, said, “In a country that is seeing louder voices emerging from the youth of society on various platforms and on different social issues, it is heartening to have the support of Spykar whose aim is to tap into the young and restless to bring about change. Unwavering support from the corporate segment such as that of Spykar also helps put focus on a highly neglected issue cause such as Child Sexual Abuse. We hope Spykar’s participation sets an example for other business houses to join the fight against this silent epidemic that is affecting the future of our country-our children.”