The biggest differentiator of the fibre to man-made cellulosics is that we use no dissolving or harmful chemicals at any stage of our process. We also don’t use dissolved pulp, which is the raw material of most cellulosic fibres. Because of our highly clean process, we have good reason to believe that what we’re developing is the most sustainable fibre there is.

The outcome is white, fluffy but firm filament that is as warm as lamb wool. Its stretch and strength qualities are very similar to those of cotton. Depending on the application, we can make the fibre water repellent or absorbing. The fibre can be dyed even before the wet spinning phase.

The fibre is suitable as-is for spinning into yarn and knitting or weaving into fabric or non-wovens elsewhere. We currently develop the fibre product with several retail brand partners, to suit specific apparel, shoes and non-wovens.

Key Sustainability Facts

  • 100% Natural
  • Quickly biodegradable
  • 0% Microplastics
  • 0% Harmful chemicals
  • 99 % less water use than cotton value chain
  • Significantly smaller carbon footprint than polyester or viscose
  • 100% recyclable – with improved quality & no harmful chemicals