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Spinnova knits make their runway debut

Published: September 18, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
ka wa key, located in London, is the latest brand to embrace sustainable Spinnova materials, with the launch of the label’s new capsule collection of Spinnova fabrics and yarns at New York Fashion Week.
Spinnova employs patented technology to produce cellulose-based fibre with no potentially dangerous chemicals or trash in the manufacturing process, saving 99 percent of the water needed in normal cotton production.
The technology has advanced significantly in recent years, as seen by Spinnova’s collaborations with Finnish design house Marimekko and Norwegian outdoor apparel brand Bergans to make clothes and footwear.
Ka Wa Key has teamed up with sustainable textile company Spinnova for a capsule collection inspired by the Finnish film Hardly a Butterfly. The collection will be shown in Paris in October but will not be available to purchase. Just like other Ka Wa Key garments, the collection is genderfluid and draws inspiration from Finland, specifically the national butterfly Holly blue.
The collection uses sustainable and fully circular Spinnova fibre, which is made out of wood or waste and produced without harmful chemicals. The materials were also really versatile and we could use them exactly as we wanted – whether it was painting on the textile, dyeing it, adding digital prints or knitting with it. Collaborating with emerging brands is just as important to us as working with established brands as we believe the entire textile industry needs to become more sustainable.

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