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Spinnova and The North Face will work together on outdoor gear

Published: August 19, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Spinnova, a textile technology firm, and The North Face, a worldwide outdoor apparel brand, have struck an R&D partnership to create innovative, sustainable, high-performance fabrics for the outdoor garment industry.
The businesses said they hope to ‘provide the outdoor market with a sustainable alternative to conventional textile materials without sacrificing technical excellence’ through their partnership.
The North Face and Spinnova have signed a deal to produce sustainable fibre together. The new partnership is seen as a big step towards commercialising sustainable products using the company’s fibre, which is said to be free from any microplastics and is 100 per cent circular. The company anticipates that the agreement could be a significant contributor to its market entry in the next 10-12 years.
Spinnova, a Finnish producer of sustainable fibre, has announced a collaboration with The North Face. The company’s long-term business plan aims to attain a capacity of one million tonnes of annual fibre production in the next 10-12 years. Earlier this year, the firm announced intentions to establish its first commercial facility in Finland to fulfil global textile manufacturers’ rising demand for sustainable materials. The plant is scheduled to open by the end of 2022.

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