The range and functions of KARL MAYER’s WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS have been continuously extended since its launch at ITMA in Milan four years ago. The strategic objective of these changes is to deliver maximum benefits for its customers. Customer-oriented, cross-selling services with product-related purchasing recommendations and the scan-to-order function as a new and simple way of replenishing stocks using a smartphone and QR code were introduced at ITMA ASIA 2018. Another stage in the expansion of the Webshop will be presented at ITMA 2019.

The stocks held by KARL MAYER’s distributors are now integrated into the Webshop, which is now available in 11 languages. This means that the spare parts can now be seen in local warehouses by customers and can be ordered virtually via the Webshop. This new function further simplifies the ordering process for customers, and guarantees that the spare parts are delivered in the fastest possible time. Once the spare part has been ordered via the Webshop, the order is processed in the usual way, i.e. simply and efficiently by the local distributors.

The latest upgrade also extends to the integration of a WEBSHOP for spare parts for the Warp Preparation Business Unit. Customers can now order spare parts from all three of KARL MAYER’s Business Units via the online tool that has been assigned to them.

Access has also been simplified. The user is transferred directly to the WEBSHOP that has been activated for him via the newly setup central access address,, or else he can select the Webshop he wants to use via a landing page.

The WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS continues to be available to our Chinese customers at

Aside from the Webshop, KARL MAYER’s Spares Department in Obertshausen is continuing to develop ways of optimising the organisation and technology of its technical support operations in general.

These employees, together with their service and sales/marketing colleagues, are part of a new, specialist team. As a central point of contact, this group can provide rapid, expert help with virtually every question and problem – from making new investments to after-sales service. Personal contact with customers and distributors, with no language barriers, is especially important for understanding their needs better and dealing with them even more effectively. When supplying spare parts, this means an even greater focus on speed when processing and delivering the parts, and also provides the best possible support when dealing with complex, technical queries. The consultancy group can be contacted easily via modern, online media and is also happy to help with using the WEBSHOP or apps, such as k.maintenance and k.service.