“Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” Paul Klee

Venue : The Exhibition Centre, Swarnim Park, Near jilla panchayat, Sector 17, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382016.
Date : Thursday 5th Dec to Sunday 8th Dec 2019

The SDC International, ISFT and KDCL have collaborated to create their mission to showcase the following:
• To put forward challenges for textile professionals in colour communication, colouration and compliance
• To encourage collaborations between fashion and textile colouration
• To provide a platform for innovators, users and compliance organisations to engage in and collaborate for a ‘greener’ colouration industry.

To fulfill this mission, the trio will organise four enlightening seminars and a grand fashion show at the ITMACH 2019 (https://www.itmach.com/project/itmach-india-2019)

We expect the machine manufacturers to take a lead in providing solutions to more sustainable manufacturing of textiles. Machines are the tools that can shape the colouration process in a way that it delivers the best outcome.

Details about the event are available at: https://sdc.org.uk/event/sommet-de-couleur-2019

5th Dec 2019: Theme: Colour Communication
Registration opens at 2.00 pm, Event concludes at 6.00 pm.

6th Dec 2019: Theme: Investigating technologies for Innocuous textile manufacturing by Dyers and Colourists
Registration opens at 10.00 am, Event concludes at 5.30 pm

7th Dec 2019: Theme: Colouring without ‘Guilt’
Registration opens at 10.00 am, Event concludes 5:30 pm

Fashion show: World Costume.
Starts 6:30 pm jointly hosted by ISFT,ITMACH & SDCIIPL. (Details available on separate brochure). Fashion show ends 8:30 pm

8th Dec 2019: Theme: How did I get here?
Registration opens at 10.00 am, Event concludes 1:30 pm

RSVP: Ms Mamta Thapar, Email : mamtat@sdcil.com