A new application development lab (ADL) has been formally inaugurated by Solvay, a world leader in specialty materials, in Shanghai in order to increase the reach of its research and innovation capabilities around the globe. Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux, Chief Technology Officer of Solvay, Andrew Lau, Senior Executive Vice President of the company’s Materials global business unit, and Francesco Triulzi, Head of Application Development Labs, Solvay Materials, all attended the new lab’s opening ceremony on May 12.

According to Andrew Lau, “there is an enormously growing demand for new application development in various key Chinese industries, such as the automotive, life sciences, and electronics,” and he continues, “Our new ADL addresses this trend with a significant investment aimed at responding to local market needs faster and with greater proximity to customers than ever, offering solutions for high-performance materials that are customised.

With a staff of over 30 highly skilled and knowledgeable scientists, engineers, and technicians, the Shanghai ADL will be fully prepared to drive application development for specifically tailored applications using cutting-edge Solvay technology. Through world-class simulation, prototyping, and performance evaluation services, complemented by various specialised process equipment, such as for 3D printing, extrusion, and noise-vibration-harshness (NHV) improvements, an Innovation Workshop will coordinate the resources to hasten the implementation of local solutions.

“The new ADL will follow a triple strategy focusing on local-for-local, global-for-local, and local-for-global innovation,” says Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux. For example, “unique facilities to support these efforts include a semiconductors clean room environment enabling high-purity and high-temperature testing, separation capabilities for hemodialysis and water filtration applications, and a functional and industrial coatings facility.”

Major Automotive, new energy, life solutions and pharmaceuticals, smart devices and semiconductors are some of the local and international end markets projected to gain from Solvay’s Shanghai-based Application Development Lab.