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Sohan creates the foundation for a new business

Published: October 18, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

On October 15, Sohan Industries laid the groundwork for its new factory. Sohan Industries has also recently joined as a ZDHC Contributor, assisting in the acceleration of sustainable chemistry in the textile and garments supply chains. Sohan Industries is India’s biggest producer of natural pigments and colloidal. Sohan is fully backward incorporated to produce pigment powders needed for pigment colloidal using cutting-edge grinding and testing technology, creating “ORIONTM” as a leading brand in Asia. They serve the textile, paint, paper, crayon, and art colour sectors, as well as geotextiles. The company’s ‘Clean is Green’ attitude has meant sustainable and green structures and procedures, resulting in eco-friendly products free of VOCs, APEs, glycols, methanol, styrene, and other dangerous substances to the ecosystem.

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