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Society honors 140-year milestone with Bangladesh’s thriving

Published: May 14, 2024

The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) marked its 140th anniversary with Bangladesh’s dyes and chemical community in Dhaka. The event showcased SDC’s dedication to the textile industry and expertise in colour science.

SDC International Ltd. recently held an event hosted by Director Yogesh Gaikwad, with Sheetal Jadav, Manager of Event also in attendance. Prominent guests included Prof. Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan from BUFT, Md. Amanur Rahman from Dysin Group, and others. The SDC, established in 1884, has a history of promoting colour education globally, aligning well with Bangladesh’s garment industry.

The celebratory event in Bangladesh brought together members of the dyes and chemical community, emphasizing knowledge sharing and connections. The program details were not provided, but it likely included discussions on color science advancements, sustainable dyeing practices.

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