Due to the addition of Seaweed or zinc, the fibres produced by SmartFiber are being used by modern fashion and home textile brands. Seaweed and zinc make the fibre skin-friendly and these are also environment-friendly and help in conserving resources along with meeting the demands of sustainably produced textiles.

Smartfiber has been offering high-quality natural fibres under the names SeaCell and smartcel sensitive for over 15 years. The fibres are cellulose-based. The addition of seaweed to SeaCell and zinc to smartcel sensitive also gives the fibres exceptional properties, making them particularly kind to the skin when used in textiles of all kinds.

Smartfiber fibres can also be found in products from the textile processing industry such as spinners, yarns, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, non-woven materials, coverings, mattresses, and ready-made items, and in consumer items. Many brands have used SeaCell and smartcel sensitive elements in their textiles, including T-shirts, pullovers, pants, sportswear and yoga wear, underwear, socks, shoes, bed linen, pillows, and blankets.

The fibres of Smartfiber are also environmentally friendly and conserve resources, meaning that they meet demand from many customers for sustainably produced textiles. An increasing number of manufacturers are using Smartfiber technology and offering their customers high-quality products using SeaCell and smartcel sensitive fibres.