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Smart textile making it’s way in Covid-19 crisis

Published: August 7, 2020
Author: prasad_16481


Wearable tools are seen as the next development in the IT and textile industries. The industry witnessed a stampede of wearable tools used for facials, hair, feet and wrists in 2015. In addition, industries such as fashion, clothing, and IT have started to merge with the changing cultural changes, lifestyle, IT, and cyclical attitudes.

The sports industry was the first to start with the smart fashion trend, helping with emotion monitoring, heart rate tracking, and much more – without connecting to a mobile phone or smartwatch. The “Worldwide Smart Fashion Market” is projected to hit $2.938.9 million by 2022, rising at 117.0 per cent CAGR during the 2016–2022 forecast period.Given its advantages of tracking and monitoring individual health, the market for smart fashion will grow. Many businesses concentrate on exercise apparel, as they seek to incorporate apparel with more sensors and applications.

Consumers are increasingly interested in using IT and smart textiles in the apparel industry , creating possibilities for fashion designers to come up with new innovative ideas to gain market share and differentiate themselves from aggressive industry.

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