Smart Express, an Indian logistics firm, has begun operations with a seed capital of 100 crores. IIFL India Private Equity Fund and Smiti Holding & Trading Company are the lead investors in the round (Jalaj Dani family office). The funding will be made in two tranches over the following two years, each tied to a business milestone that will allow it to expand beyond cities and reach a particular scale.
Yogesh Dhingra, the former CFO, COO, and CSO of Blue Dart Express, is promoting Brilliant Express. Dhingra was instrumental in DHL’s takeover of Blue Dart. With over 27 years of experience in logistics, he has spearheaded various efforts at Blue Dart to establish a solid robotic system. The funding will be used to grow teams and build Pick-Up and Delivery (PUD) and transit hub infrastructure to serve clients throughout India.
Other key areas where the resources will be used include the development of distinctive and cutting-edge technologies to deliver processes and the creation of innovative alternatives that will allow users to explore best-in-class services at the lowest possible cost, according to a statement to the media from the company.
Smart Express aims to carve out a distinct position in the business by tackling industry pain issues with an educated and experienced staff, shorter travel times, creative and unique offerings, and a flexible asset light strategy. Automation will be used to provide constant enhanced service quality and real-time 360-degree transparency. This year, the startup intends to launch operations in roughly 30 cities during the holiday season. Smart Express aims to establish over 300 centres across India over the next three years, including its own PUD service centres, transit stations, and alliance partners.
“Through a transparent process, we are committed to establishing a system that supports great service quality and excellent products for our clients at competitive prices.” Our cutting-edge technology will assist deliver 360-degree vision, shorter transit times, and a positive customer experience.  To create a distinction in the market, we are also building a future-ready staff with a mix of industry knowledge, passion, and energy,” Smart Express managing director and CEO Yogesh Dhingra said in a statement.
Over time, Smart Express will expand its company into categories such as B2B, B2C, D2C, C2C, and hyper-local delivery. The company will provide AM/PM deliveries based on customer requirements as part of its unique service offering in the air express category. To get over to clients who cannot afford air services, the company will also provide expense bundles with 48/72/96 hour delivery.