Skinthetix has designed a new line of barrier clothing which, it says, will disrupt the global skin-related services industry. The aesthetic barrier clothing can either seamlessly blend beneath regular attire or be worn as standalone clothing. Each item has been designed and specifically engineered to keep ‘messy and slippery’ skin-related products in place.

Innovative design eliminates makeshift wraps, avoids leakage and promotes skin health. The result is less fuss and less mess – eliminating primitive make shift plastic wraps and avoiding embarrassing leakage issues, the company said. Each year, millions of people across the planet struggle to keep lotions, creams, sprays, oils, ointments, gels, and other ‘topical products’ against their skin and away from clothing.

Founder and CEO, Jarrod Stoldt said, “For the first time ever, Skinthetix gives individuals complete control and freedom of choice over their personal skin care routines. People are free to use their ‘products’ on their skin whenever and wherever they choose to use them. As an experienced medical professional, professional medspa owner and a discerning consumer of aesthetic skin-care treatments, I’ve designed Skithnetix to meet the needs of modern skincare regimens in a busy world.”