Indian textile brand Siyaram‘s yesterday launched its anti-corona range of fabric tested by laboratories approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The fabric offers protection from the virus and is developed in association with global non-invasive healthcare company HeatlhGuard.

The new fabric guarantees 99.94 per cent effectiveness against coronavirus and has non-leaching properties compared to other metal based chemistry products, making the treated layer of fabric to not dissolve in water, the company said in a statement.

“90 percent of our body is covered with clothes, and viruses have the tendency to thrive on the surface of fabrics for longer hours increasing the exposure of humans to the infection. The ‘Cosmetic-based chemistry’ coating utilised in making of our fabric is made of positive compounds and when it comes in contact with the negative compounds, it disintegrates the outer lipid coating and destroys the virus in a matter of few seconds”, Ramesh Poddar, chairman and managing director of Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd, was quoted as saying by media reports..

With the use of sustainable and biodegradable ingredients, the fabric does not leach any harmful components and renders a smooth and soft feel to clothing.

Author: mhamza