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Siltex and The Gaurs collaborate

Published: May 3, 2023

Italian firm Siltex S.R.L. was founded in 2006, and it specialises in the design and production of equipment for coating technical textiles, including lines for coating, impregnating, laminating, and printing. The Gaurs will be marketed by the corporation in Sri Lanka and India, according to a recent agreement.

“All of our machines are produced and assembled in the Siltex plant in Italy using European components in order to provide all of these services. Our customers have access to a competent team of specialists for support at every stage of project development, from planning and consultation to commissioning, he continued. While the business’s headquarters are situated in Torri di Quartesolo, close to Vicenza (60 kilometres from Venice), its technical division and facility are situated in Cisterna di Latina, a town close to Rome.

Markets, Goods, and Services

Pilan remarked of Siltex’s goods and services: “Siltex is specialised in providing every kind of machine for the manufacture of technical textiles. The entire structure, including the unwinders, coating heads, laminators, dipping units, ovens, stenter frames, calendars, inspection machines, and winders, is planned, produced, and put together to guarantee the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

“Siltex also has process specialists to ensure that the customer can produce whatever product he needs from Siltex machines,” he continued. “Siltex also specialises in undertaking turn key projects.”

“We offer a full array of custom-engineered coating, impregnating, laminating, and printing machines to meet the needs of our customers,” Umberto Pilan, Managing Director (Sales), Siltex, stated that their products meet the strictest industrial standards.

Umberto Pilan responded when asked about the company’s primary markets: “The world is Siltex’s primary market. Siltex has sold over the years in a number of nations due to its experience. A few of the countries where Siltex has declared its presence include the US, Germany, the UK, South Africa, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Italy. He elaborated on Siltex’s technology and how it differs from other, comparable technologies on the market, saying, “We use the most cutting-edge technology available in every stage of our engagement with the consumer. First off, cutting-edge 3D technology enable the mechanical design of machines.“Second, the automation division is outfitted with with cutting-edge software that ensures perfect control throughout the production to ensure high-quality products. Finally, the most crucial technology Siltex provides is its knowledge, which is ingrained in competent individuals that daily try to provide the finest solutions to customers. The fact that Siltex has its own software department, which creates the software for our equipment, is a crucial distinction for the company that is frequently neglected. In comparison to our competitors, we can thus guarantee that our equipment operate in a more personalised manner, he added.

Entering the Indian Market

With the help of its collaboration with The Gaurs, the brand has only recently entered the Indian market. Umberto Pilan outlined the main reasons why it took the corporation so long to join this important market. “The Indian Due to the lack of interest in investing in cutting-edge production facilities and machinery to create high-quality goods, the market has not yet been an appealing one for Siltex. It is thought that the time has come for Siltex to play a significant role in assisting Indian businesses to develop, create new standards of quality, and export their goods given the enormous volume of requests from India received recently and the growth in future trends.The professionalism and tenacity of The Gaurs to expand the Indian technical textile sector by introducing high-quality machinery provided by Siltex have pleasantly surprised Siltex. We are quite certain that our partnership will benefit the Indian market in all respects.

With whom have we engaged into a contract?

The Gaurs for the marketplaces in Sri Lanka and India, he continued.

“Our customers are marked for their willingness to have machines characterised by fair and competitive price, excellent quality, long lasting lifetime, safety and ergonomics for operators, energy-saving design, and professional and responsive after-sale service,” Pilan said when outlining the key factors that would fuel demand for Siltex machines in India and other significant global markets.

After-Sale Assistance

Pilan explained in further detail the plan the company has in place to handle spare parts and after-sales support for customers in India, stating that “Siltex’s distinctive strengths are its erection, commissioning, and after-sales services, which are all provided by its skilled and knowledgeable team of technicians. This will be improved even further by our partnership with The Gaurs. a benefit due to their field organisation. It is evident that the Internet of Things (IOT) is a notion that cannot be disregarded any longer. Siltex cannot be disregarded for this reason because we provide remote diagnostics that provide prompt inquiry and rapid problem resolution.

Upcoming Plans

In response to a question regarding the company’s future goals, Pilan said, “In the coming years, Siltex intends to accomplish what it has done thus far, namely, to deliver value to the client through technical knowledge and a mindset devoted to continuous improvement. Because of its expertise in coating and laminating, Siltex wants to become a benchmark in the field of Prepreg machines. references that are widely recognised and abundant. Techtextil India 2023 is where Siltex is expected to take part.



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