The 19th International Exhibition on Textile Industry (ShanghaiTex 2019) as a world leading biennial event, grandly closed at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 28 November 2019. The exhibition gathered international manufactures of textile machinery to showcase a range of new material, new design and new technology. According to official statistics, the four-day exhibition (25-28 Nov 2019) with a total area of 100,000 sq.m, successfully gathered more than 1,200 exhibitors from around 20 countries and regions to showcase innovative automatic textile machinery and technology, which in turn attracted more than 85,900 buyers to visit and source at the show, and that around 11% of them were overseas visitors.

Advanced Textile Machinery is Widely Recognized by the Exhibitors
Under the theme of “Smarter Textile Better Life” and following the success of 2017, ShanghaiTex 2019 achieved a breakthrough by gathering world-class textile technology and organizing diverse concurrent events, fully explored the textile related applications, cross-border technology and design, promoting the development of high-quality textiles in order to drive for a better live. This year’s exhibition continued to attain big support from all new and old exhibitors, including Groz-Beckert, Ningbo Cixing, Samsung Knitting Needle, Fujian Xingang, Trützschler, Jinan XinJinLong, CHTC Fong, Fujian Quanzhou Aotu Precision, Terrot, Yoantion, Jiangsu Yingyou, Dalian Solenold Values, Cmt Hicorp, Savio, Qingdao Haijia, Changshu Textile Machinery Works, Hangzhou Honghua, Dupont, Jinan TianQi, Wenzhou Darong etc., below are some comments from the exhibitors:

Hangzhou Yisheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd: “I am very satisfied with the exhibition. The most unexpected thing is that many buyers are professional and influential people in the industry with procurement plans. The organizers are very professional and I will continue to support ShanghaiTex!”

Santex Rimar Group: “We have been supporting ShanghaiTex for many years, the organizer is dedicated to leading the industry to textile sustainability, continuing to build a trading platform for the global industry.”

Fujian Quanzhou Aotu Precision Machine Co., Ltd.: “Keep up with the high standard! Both the quality and quantity of the visitors were satisfactory, and we met many visitors from various main regions and countries in the textile industry. Many customers that contacted us before the show have signed the agreements at the show! “

A Range of Concurrent Events
Exploring the Market Trends and Developments

In order to explore new areas of the textile industry, ShanghaiTex 2019 organized many forward-looking events and achieved great results sucessfully.“Textech Galaxy”focused on“Artificial Intelligence”,“Wearable Technology” and “Startups”;“Textech Inno Talk”invited many industry professionals from different countries to analyze the development of textile fashion technology ;“The 2nd Wearable Technology X Textile Design Competition” invited college students and young designers to design a textile product that could improve people’s live, bringing textile and technology together.

“The 2nd Artificial Intelligence on Fashion and Textile International Conference (AIFT 2019)” held concurrently with ShanghaiTex for the first time, and jointly established “Fashion and Textile Artificial Intelligence Alliance” with the exhibition and several other colleges. Also, a signing ceremony attracted many media interviews in AIFT 2019. The three-day AIFT 2019 gathered over 30 researchers in the field of fashion textiles and over 200 international visitors, successfully promoting the integration of textile and artificial intelligence. Many companies claimed that they have gained so much from the conference, joining hands with the industry to promote the internationalization of textile technology.

“The 2nd Shanghai International Textile Intelligent Manufacturing Forum” has also upgraded from the last edition and analyzed the comprehensive development of China’s textile industry. At the same time, the forum also showcased a range of innovative textile technology and equipment, finding a better way out for AI Textiles. Also, “Mapping Sustainable Fashion & Textile – The Denim Chapter” invited Ellen MacArthur Foundation to release its Chinese version of “Reproducing Denim Guide”, encouraging leading fashion brands and manufacturers to use a greener way to produce jeans, in order to avoid waste pollution and the use of hazardous substances. Simultaneously, big brands such as Kornit Digital, H&M explored the development of sustainable denim under the topic of “Fashion · Green · Intelligence”. Other than that, “The International Healthcare and Textile Sci-Tech Innovation Conference” focused on new materials, art, technology and idea to explore the ways of how to use innovative textile to be healthier. “The International Healthcare and Textile Sci-Tech Innovation Conference” even focused on waterless printing, smart digital and ink, analyzing of how companies should break through the traditional to apply new smart digital printing in their businesses. The diverse events brought new fashion vibe to the exhibition, thus receiving many good comments from the visitors.
International Key Buyers to Source at the Exhibition

ShanghaiTex has always been well-known in the global textile industry. This year, there are over 25 VIP delegations and 70 enterprise delegations to join the exhibition. On the other hand, there are 20 overseas delegations from Russia, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Peru etc., they expressed gratitude to the exhibition.

Malaysia Knitting Manufacturers Association: “We could find many Chinese machinery and equipment that could help us upgrading our businesses in the exhibition. Our members think that the exhibition areas are all clearly classified which it’s very easy to find related exhibits. Also, it is great to see that there are many new green technology this year.”

Taiwan Paiho Limited: “There are many automatic machinery and intelligent technology in ShanghaiTex 2019. Also, we are happy to see the newly established“Textech Galaxy”organized many concurrent events to inspire the companies to explore how to reform the fashion textile industry with new technologies.”

Shanghai Home Textile Association: “This year, the exhibition is very big with diverse technology and equipment. Digital and intelligence could help to upgrade our home textile products and improve productivity. Around 100 people came with our association to visit ShanghaiTex2019, some companies have attention to order products while some are happy to join the next exhibition again.” 

Shanghai Challenge Textile Co Ltd: “The scale of the exhibition is as grand as ever, showcasing a series of top-notch textile machinery and innovative cross-border technologies. We organized 50 people from many different departments to visit the show, including R & D, equipment, technology, production. The themes of the exhibition conform to the trends of “digitalization”, “green technology” and “renewable materials” which is very thoughtful.”

ShanghaiTex 2021 See you again in Shanghai Pudong
“ShanghaiTex 2021” with a brand new theme will organize again at the same venue after two years, and aims to gather more leading exhibitors, innovative textile machinery & technology and concurrent events!