SgT – a world leader in quality management solutions specializing in textiles and apparel – is proud to announce the opening of its new laboratory in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The opening ceremony, held on September 24, was attended by more than 100 professionals from the textile apparel industry.

This milestone further strengthens SgT’s commitment to supporting its customers’ global sourcing strategy with a one-stop shop solution covering compliance, performance, and quality. The laboratory offers agile, tailor-made solutions that go beyond the pass–fail approach, with wide-ranging technical expertise and a high level of service.

This laboratory complements SgT’s worldwide network of laboratories and locally-based experts, providing 360° solutions for its customers. It increases SgT’s range of operations and strengthens the synergy across locations.

SgT’s global solutions extend beyond the walls of the lab supporting brands and vendors with mills / lab audit certification, correlation, root cause analysis, retro-engineering, etc.

Founded in 1990, SgT is an independent solution provider, wholly owned by Worms Safety, the first global alliance of specialist companies in specific product categories with expert knowledge of regulatory compliance, safety, and quality.

From development to end of production, SgT supports securing the safety and quality of its partners’ products via audits, technical assistance, inspections, and laboratory testing, offering preventive solutions aimed at identifying risks at the earlier stages of the supply chain. With over 5,000 factories and mills visited annually, SgT offers solid expertise that combines hands-on production with preventative approaches.

As a part of the group’s commitment to bringing innovative solutions to its customers, SgT has developed a patented scientific method to verify and quantify the amount of recycled polyester in products, helping brands substantiate their marketing claims. SgT also introduced the Chem Scan Check, which can identify more than 285 substances in one single test, allowing for an advanced level of visibility within a fast time frame.

SgT’s partners include leading international retailers, manufacturers, and importers of ready-to-wear children’s clothing, work wear, outdoor clothing, sportswear, underwear, and luxury clothing.

SgT’s team of experts in Bangladesh, with more than 20 years of experience, looks forward to supporting
customers with advanced, personalized testing solutions in this exciting new space.