The world’s largest elastane manufacturer, Hyosung, which is also the first global developer to commercialise bio-based elastane has added one more feather to its cap. The group has recently received eco-product certification from Standard Global Services. This guarantees that the bio-based elastane, creora®is made completely with plant-based materials and is produced in a harmless and eco-friendly manner. SGS is a globally accepted company and it assures quality and reliability through its certifications.

Hyosung has made the bio-based elastane by replacing 30% of the petroleum-based resources with bio-based raw materials. These raw materials have been derived from dent corn, an industrial breed of corn. A life cycle analysis (LCA) was carried out by a third-party and studies confirmed that the bio-based elastane reduced the carbon footprint by 23% when compared with the regularly produced elastane. The feedstock that is used to grow these fibres is grown according to the environmental standards.

Mike Simko, Global Marketing Director Textiles, Hyosung, said that the customers were keen on knowing how the products they use impact the environment. The brands wanted to develop a trust with its customers and could achieve this by giving quality products. He further said that to sustain the customer loyalty, they need to certify and document creora, bio-based elastane.

creora®-based elastane is suitable for using with other bio-derived natural fibres used for making sportswear, loungewear, ready-to-wear textiles. It has similar ultra-stretch quality and recovery as Hyosung’s product Powerfit elastane.Hyosung plans on producing creora® bio-based elastane with 100% bio-derived content.