Sézane is a French fashion brand by Morgane Sézalory initiated in 2013. The brand is into distanced selling on specialized catalog. The brand is having various category of product. The destinations of their work are chosen depending on the origin of raw materials, expertise, working conditions and production capacities. The brand includes more innovative and eco-friendly methods and materials and create amazing articles.

Fashion brand Sézane has branched out into the lifestyle category with a new line of products, according to WWD- Womens Wear Daily. Sézane has launched La Maison Sézane “to bring some magic to our homes, when we may need it most,” the brand said in a statement.

Patterns were hand-drawn by Argentine artist Maia Bunge to create a “Parisian-inspired oasis.”

The prints are inspired by French designs, and accessories include hand-painted vases and crockery made from recycled glass. The collection includes limited-edition mugs hand-painted with Italian phrases.

In addition to the glassware, the company has collaborated with French homewares e-store Beldy and with paper goods brand Hôtel Magique for floral wallpaper. The wallpaper sold out “instantly,” according to a brand statement.

Diversity in product line is one of the factors that adds on to the company’s excellence. New market with new and innovative products are on experimental basis but many a times these experiments turn out to be the one due to which the company gets known for. Sezane shift of product line to home décor may inspire many others too, to explore the various product areas.